Thursday, May 28, 2015


Ara is a constellation in the southern sky. The constellation name comes from the Latin for 'altar'. It was first described by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century. There are 8 main stars in the constellation. The Stingray Nebula is in Ara.

In Stargate Atlantis, Ara was a member of the Satedan military who was captured by the wraith, and eventually became a wraith worshiper. She was killed by Rakai, one of her fellow wraith worshipers.  In Stargate SG-1, Ara was the name of a platform in the shape of the Ori symbol for Origin, upon which heretics were burned.

In Dragonlance, Ara Kano was a leader of the town Pirim.

Ara Tribe is a tribe in the StarCraft Universe.

Project Ara is a Google initiative to create modular smartphones.

Ara is a genus of macaws.

Although the constellation name is derived from Latin, Ara is also a female Persian name that means 'brings rain', and a male Armenian name from a legendary King, Ara the Beautiful. Ara is sometimes used as a nickname for the Russian name Avrora. It can also be used as a nickname for Arabella.

Ara appears in the SSA's top 1000 girl names from 1900-1918. It's highest rank was in 1901 when it reached #559.  It has never reached the top 1000 for boys. It was given to just 49 girls and 7 boys in 2014. Although it's unisex, I think Ara works best for girls due to it's similarity to Ada and Ava. It would be a good choice for parents who like those names but want something a little different.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


A proton is a sub-atomic particle in the nucleus of an atom and carries a positive electric charge. The number of protons in an atom is referred to as its atomic number.

In Star Trek Voyager, Captain Proton was a character in a holodeck program created by helmsman Tom Paris. It is based on early Earth made Sci-Fi films, and is entirely in black and white.

Professor Proton was a character on the television show, The Big Bang Theory. Professor Proton was the host of a children's science show that inspired Sheldon Cooper to become a scientist.

Proton is Greek for "First". Proton does not appear in SSA's name database.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Fleur Delacour Weasley was a character in the Harry Potter series of novels by J.K. Rowling. Fleur participated in the Triwizard challenge at Hogwarts while a student at  Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. She married Bill Weasley with whom she had three children.

In the Temeraire series of novels by Naomi Novik, a Fleur-de-Nuit (Flower of the Night) was a breed of dragon. They were mainly used by the French military and had the ability to see in the dark, and their dark color made them nearly invisible at night. They were sensitive to bright light, which could injure their eyes.

Fleur was a character on the U.K. television series Being Human. Her son became friends with the vampire Mitchell. She misunderstood their friendship, and believed Mitchell was sexually abusing him. Later when her son became critically wounded, Mitchell offered to save him by turning him into a vampire, which Fleur agreed to.

Fleur Morgan was a PAS (Protection and Security) officer in the U.K. Sci-fi series, Outcasts.

Fleur Blanc was a character in the Japanese anime series Eureka Seven.

Fleur is a French name that means, "Flower". Fleur has never ranked in the Top 1,000 names in the U.S. In 2014, it did not make the list at all. In 2013, it was given to just 9 girls.

Monday, May 25, 2015


In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor Odinson was a prince of the planet Asgard, son of Odin and Frigga. He was banished to Earth by his father, Odin, for an unauthorized attack on the Jotunheim. While on Earth, he met and fell in love with Jane Foster. He regained his power after he attempted to sacrifice himself to protect Jane and her friends from a destroyer sent by his adopted brother, Loki. He later joined the Avengers to stop Loki from conquering Earth, and again to fight the A.I. Ultron. After defeating Malekith, Odin (actually Loki in disguise) offered Thor the throne of Asgard, which he declined. In the Marvel comics, his mother was Jord, or Gaea, the spirit of the Earth. When visiting Earth he sometimes takes on a mortal form, and is known as Donald Blake. If separated from his hammer, Mjolnir, for too long, he loses his power.

In the television series Stargate SG-1, Thor was a member of an alien race called the Asgard. Unlike the Asgard in the Marvel universe, in Stargate the Asgard bear no resemblance to humans. Thor and the Asgard protected some human worlds from the Goa'uld. Thor befriended Jack O'Neill and SG1, which led to an alliance between Thor's people and Earth. When the Asgard were facing extinction, Thor convinced the Asgard High Council to bequeath all their knowledge and technology to the people of Earth.

In the U.K. series, Being Human, the werewolf Thomas McNair named one of his vampire killing stakes "Thor."

In several of the Hitchhiker's Guide novels by Douglas Adams, the Thunder God Thor was friends with Zaphod Beeblebrox.

Thor is of Norse origin, and means "Thunder". Thor made the top 1000 names in the U.S. in 1961 (#964), 1965 (#964), 1966 (#894), 1968 (#881), 1969 (#957), and in 1971 (#912). In 2014, 114 boys were given the name Thor. 

Friday, May 22, 2015


In Avatar's The Legend of Korra, Jinora was a master airbender from Air Temple Island. Jinora was one of a few that could see and communicate with the spirits. She successfully fought the Equalists who attacked Air Temple Island, but more came, forcing Jinora and her family to flee. They were captured, but eventually freed, and later able to return home. Because of her spiritual abilities, Jinora guided Avatar Korra into the spirit world. She was captured, and trapped in the Fog of Lost Souls, until rescued by her father.

Jinora is an invented name, possibly derived from Jinorasa, a male Sanskrit name that means "Essence of Victory". In 2014, 9 girls were given the name.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Dejah Thoris was the title character of the 1917 novel, A Princess of Mars, by Edgar Rice Burroughs and it's sequels. She was the granddaughter of the Jeddak (King) of Helium. She was the wife of an Earth man, John Carter, with whom she had two children, Carthoris and Tara.

Dejah Duare was a character in the Star Wars novels Coruscant Nights, parts II and III. She was a Zeltron living on Coruscant. Her lover, Ves Volette, was murdered. After she found his murderer, she joined Whiplash, an anti-Galactic Empire resistance group. 

Dejah is a variant of the French name Deja, and means "remembrance or before". It is also sometimes used as a nickname for Dejanira, a variation of Deianeira, who was the wife of Hercules. Dejah made it into the top 1,000 names in four different years, 1996 (#982), 1998 (#784), 1999 (#671), and 2000 (#927). In 2014, 33 girls were named Dejah, and 118 were named Deja.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Diaval was a character in Disney's Maleficient. He was an update of the raven, Diablo, that appeared in the animated movie Sleeping Beauty. In Maleficient, Diaval pledged to be Maleficient's servant after she saved his life. Maleficient transformed Diaval into various creatures, including a human, wolf, horse and dragon, but she used him mostly to be her wings, since she no longer had hers. 

Diaval is an invented name. It has never appeared in SSA's name database. It's a little too out there for a person, but I think it would be an awesome name for a pet, especially a black one.